Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rainy day

It is rain today after five dry days. I am free from the gardening. Actually, it is hard to call what I do as the gardening. What I do in the garden (back yard) is weeding, trimming branches, mowing, digging soil, painting and sandpapering a wooden table and chairs.  Can I call this gardening? My mom says I am like a man.  My biceps are getting bigger.  

Do you know this Japanese old saying? 

Plowing the field on fine days and reading books on wet days! 

Yes, I plan to read a book, Kinkakuji (a golden temple in Kyoto) by Yukio Mishima. I read his another book, Confessions of a mask, in the last semester at SVA, then I am interesting in his novel, called Mishima literature. 

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