Sunday, June 24, 2012

Western Vegetables

The shapes and colors of the western vegetables are very unique to Japanese someone like me. I had chances to eat some of them during my stay in New York. Artichoke was very attractive vege, but I finally ate it a few weeks before I moved back to Tokyo. Because I didn't know how and which part I could eat it. And it was yummy-!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Antique stationery

A month ago, I was asked to answer the interesting questions regarding my illustration works and myself by a project I worked for. What is my biggest temptation? Every time I answered questions and interviews on myself, I get to know better who I am. Yes, antique and vintage goods are my biggest temptation. I never get tired of looking for antique furniture and general good like stationery, kitchen items, jewelry, typewriter, and more. When I was a high school kid, I seriously looked for a quill pen,but I couldn't find the best one. If I found like this purple quill pen, I would buy it. It was really fun to draw antique objects.

Lizard's tail

Sketching Lizard's tail on Sunday afternoon. I didn't know this flower is called LIZARD'S TAIL in English. Japanese name is Dokudami. Doku means Poison. Well,this plants gives out a bad smell though, I like the shape and color of this plants. The vines of leaves are quite interesting.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I am planning ahead for my summer vacation. Switzerland was the best choice for one month summer vacation to have a little rest and relaxation, however I gave up for some reason. Then I look back on where I traveled...Spain, Italy, Austria...where should I go or stay and climb The Japan north Alps? By the way, Instigatorzine Art Show is coming up on June 25th at Northern Soul Art Projects in Hoboken. I wish I could be there. Oh, I miss Hoboken where I used to visit by bicycle on weekends. My favorite piece, Weekend, was accepted for the show.