Saturday, April 30, 2016

Met two of my heroes!

It was a memorable and the very best day of 2016 yesterday for me! I had a lunch with two of my heroes and other talented illustrators in Tokyo. I haven't met and known Japanese illustrators living in Japan much and I had a great opportunity to exchange conversation with them. My hero, my mentor, and my sister (secretly in my heart) gave me her book before sale in Ireland! Also another hero gave me the box of cookies that he worked for the package illustration. They were all successful illustrators except me and I was a bit nervous before the lunch...but they were all friendly and the conversation with them encouraged me to work more and more. 
A illustrator friend of mine living in New York told me that success is different for everyone take yours as it comes and you will be there soon... yes, he is right. 
Personally I have having a hard time since last week, but the meeting gave me positive energy and I do appreciate for this great opportunity.