Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chicken Chaser

I made this piece, chicken chaser, more than a year ago in my portfolio class. I liked the piece when I finished, but it has been buried among other mediocre illustrations.
Today I checked Illustration Friday and this week's topic is Chicken. It is better to make a new piece for the topic, but I decide to use my old piece (lazy?). I always wanted to participate in this site, but other things made me away from it ( excuse?).


  1. great interpretation! I really like this, is it watercolor? it's hard to tell, or maybe photoshop? either way, it illustrates this week's topic very well. Glad you could join in

  2. Heehee! Judging by the legnth of stride, I'd say the chicken could well be the ultimate winner. Very nicely done; lovely use of colour. This has a lot of character :)

  3. It's not lazy! It's still a great painting!

  4. Hi Pinkglitterfae,
    I am Gouache lover, so I used Gouache for this piece.Thank you for visiting my blog and nice comment!

  5. Hi ichthus Fish, nice to meet you!
    I like a interesting proportion size of paper, because it makes me excited about composition! Haha, the chicken will be the winner as you said!

  6. Hi Narco,
    You are so nice! I should start working for a new piece!