Sunday, November 28, 2010

Letter Press

This is a illustration for a wedding invitation card for my special friend in Washington. It is hard to tell with this photo, but this cards were printed by letter press! I love printmaking.
I took a silkscreen class and etching classes at SVA, but I didn't take a letterpress class. Finally, the chance of doing letterpress came to me. This is a collaboration work with a graphic designer who has a expert knowledge and a long experience of typeface and design.

We visited a printmaking studio in Bedford, Brooklyn one Friday night and printed! People working in the studio are all kind and nice, and two dogs living in the studio are very cute, too.

The pressed letter and image came out very beautiful more than I thought, and my friend and her fiance are happy with the card. The cards were sent to invited guests last week.


  1. Very beautiful card!! Good job you guys!

  2. Thank you! It was so fun for me, but the preparation for that took us a long time. Nice experience. Let's go together someday!