Monday, June 8, 2009

Green Day

Another my musician caricature is Green Day. 
ten years ago when I was in Japan, my favorite Canadian English teacher, John, gave me their CD to me.  John always sang their song when we were climbing mountain. Well, one of my hobbies is mountain climbing (I was a kind of expert as a mountain climber at that time) , then I brought John to North and South Japan Alps a couple of times. Oh, it was sweet memory for me.  I collected all their album as long as I could. 

When I was a high school student, I loved punk rock like the Clash. Green Day is a kind of familiar sound for me. I don't know how Green Day is famous now, but I know they released a new album recently.  How is it? 


  1. Hi, Shigeko-san. This is Keiko :) I didn't check your blog for a while. But you're such a hard worker! You made great works. Anyway, is this your class's assignment which you're talking about? I love it! It is so Green day :D I like thier music too! I saw them on TV recently. They are still cool but they're getting Ojisan. Hahaha.

  2. Keiko, I didn't know you love Green Day! i have many their albums in my computer ( but old one), please let me know if you want to have them! Well, this is an assignment in the pictorial class. This is the first one I made. Yeah, they become Ojisan and dasai a bit. haha.